ESA Business Incubation Centre in Portugal is looking for teams, or startups up to 5 years old, to use space technologies on non-space innovative solutions, or exploitation non-space technology in the space market

ESA BIC Portugal, coordinated by IPN – Instituto Pedro Nunes, is part of a network of 21 ESA BICs across Europe, which were established to empower entrepreneurship and to allow local economies to benefit from space data and technologies.

ESA BIC Portugal was launched in 2014 to offer technical, business and financial support to startups that use space technology for terrestrial applications.

Up to date, ESA BIC Portugal has supported 46 startups, which were responsible for the creation of more than 150 jobs.

In 2020, to further empower the Portuguese space ecosystem, more technology based incubators joined the programe, so that more Regions in the country can host ESA BIC Portugal startups.

ESA BIC Portugal has been supported by ESA Space Solutions, as well as by the Portuguese Space Agency – Portugal Space, and ANACOM.

How to Apply

What are the benefits


€50k non-equity funding

networking startups

Networking for startups

international investors

Door opener to international investors

technical support

Technical support (up to 80 hours)

business development

Business development support & advice up to two years


Exclusive events

Who is elegible

Next cutoff date (to be confirmed) in June 2022

Next cutoff date (to be confirmed) in June 2022

Document and Templates

(updated documents for 2022)

Express Ukrainian Call

Who is eligible

Individuals or Companies

If the Applicant is an individual (or group of individuals):

  • Natural persons (entrepreneurs, individually or in teams) with no company yet established (but with the obligation to form a company if the project is selected). 
  • All individual applicants shall provide a copy of an official document proving his/her identity and one of the following requirements:
    • Having Ukrainian nationality;
    • Having a residence permit in Ukraine for more than 5 months in the last 9 months.

If the applicant is a Company:

  • It shall be no older than 5 years from formal incorporation, as proven by any Ukrainian Commercial Registry official document, with certified translation to English or Portuguese.
  • It has operated in Ukraine for more than 6 months in the last 9 months, as shown by evidence of trade in Ukraine.

Please note: if the application is approved, in any of the above mentioned cases, a Portuguese legal entity shall be incorporated prior to the signing of the Incubation Agreement.




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