Engaging & leveraging Earth's businesses with space technology


ESA BA Ambassador PlatformWe enable and support businesses in the short-term commercialisation, and in application of space data & technology for everyday services

ESA Business Applications (ESA BA) Ambassador Platform (AP), coordinated by IPN (Instituto Pedro Nunes), is part of the network of ESA BA Ambassadors across Europe, which is aimed at disseminating key information about the programmes and opportunities from ESA BASS (Business Applications Space Solutions) and supporting the submission of national proposals.

The ESA BA Ambassador in Portugal is supported by ESA Space
Solutions as well as the Portuguese Space Agency (Portugal Space) and

OUR PURPOSEimprove people's life on earth via space

We make this possible by enabling and supporting businesses in the short-term commercialization and application of space data and technology for everyday services. As ESA Ambassador, IPN is the first point of contact in Portugal to multiply and reinforce positive messages about space, bridging between ESA, other member states, and our industry.

We support the submission of innovative projects aimed at creating or developing sustainable non-space services or products, either directly through ESA BASS or through the implementation of a National Open Call (Spark 4 Business), a tool aimed at promoting space-based applications, services, and solutions for the needs of European citizens and society at large. If you have a good idea for products or services that fit this mission, contact us!

let us support your projectThe open call 2023 of Spark 4 Business is now open !

ESA Business Applications offers funding and support to businesses from any sector who intend to use space (satellite navigation, earth observation, satellite telecommunication, space weather, and space technologies) to develop new commercial services or products on Earth.

To learn more about ESA BA opportunities and projects, visit the ESA BA website and request guidance. As an ESA BA Ambassador in Portugal, IPN will assist your space-powered business!

Businesses can apply for funding from ESA Business Applications in two main ways: through the Open Call for Proposals and through the Thematic Calls for Proposals. In both cases, you are expected to already be engaged in commercial or developmental activities within your target sectors.

All applications shall be submitted directly to ESA BA with the support of the National Delegation.

Contact us!

The purpose of this Portuguese Spark 4 Business open call is to stimulate the submission of realistic ideas for the innovative utilization of at least one space asset (e.g., Satellite Communications, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation, Human Spaceflight) within non-space markets (e.g., transport, energy, health, agriculture, environment, safety, …). This can involve either the improvement of existing operational processes and services or the generation of new applications or services.

The bidders of ideas with a potential good market perspective will get the opportunity to investigate the commercial viability and the technical feasibility within a 6-month period, via this Spark 4 Business project.Read the documentation, check the templates and apply. Contact us!

March 10, June 10, and September 10 (until 23:59 GMT, Lisbon time zone), and send your application package via email to space@ipn.pt



MARCH 2024


BenefitsWhat are the
benefits of programme

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50% funding up to 25.000€
6 months feasibility study
international investors
Door opener to other ESA funding opportunities
Access to key networking opportunities and events

FaqsWho is eligible
for this application

In order to be eligible for a contract award, you must:

  • be a legal entity (a public law company, a private law company, an association, or a foundation) registered under Portuguese law
  • be headquartered in Portugal
  • be fully compliant with Portuguese tax and social security obligations

You can either be a newcomer or already have experience in the space sector and technologies. Therefore, in order to be eligible, all economic operators must fulfil at least one of the following requirements:

  • be a space or non-space newcomer entity holding ideas for innovative utilisation of space assets to develop non-space services
  • be an entity involved in space missions and activities
Yes, we accept applications from academic and research organisations that comply with the legal requirements.

We encourage applications addressing relevant problems, needs, or opportunities regarding the following preferential thematic areas:

  •  Blue Worlds
  • Sustainable development
  • Safe and secure communications, optical communications, and 5G
  • Space Safety

Nevertheless, this statement does not limit in any way the range of non-space markets, sectors, or geographies of the applications to be submitted.

Applicants must not conduct business activities promoting or being related to alcohol, tobacco, religion, politics, intolerance, violence, firearms, pornography, obscenity, gambling, or illegal drugs.

PROJECTSDiscover our space-down-to-Earth achievements