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ESA technology brokerWe solve industrial challenges using space technology & help launch terrestrial innovations to the space domain.

We work to promote the utilisation of space technology in terrestrial services and products, as well as help creative companies bring their terrestrial innovations into the space domain.

In early 2013, IPN initiated a national program called PTTI to explore the potential of Portuguese space and downstream ecosystems. Following the successful implementation of the initial pilot, IPN has established itself as ESA’s Innovation Partner in Portugal.

In this capacity, IPN provides a range of services enabling the transfer of space technology to practical applications on Earth, and of Earth innovation to the space domain.

We identify technologies potentially useful across the Earth-space interface, facilitate connections with potential clients and users, and provide support for funding applications.

Moreover, as the designated Portuguese ESA SME Point of Contact, IPN extends its support to SMEs from both space and non-space sectors interested in participating in ESA’s R&D programs. This support includes offering training workshops, webinars, and guidance on the intricacies of the procurement processes.

BenefitsSpark Funding helps you secure time
& funding for your tech transfer project

6 months feasibility study
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50% funding up to 50.000€
Door opener to other ESA funding opportunities
Application Submission Closed


Frequently asked questionsWhat, who & when of Spark Funding

ESA Spark Funding is aimed at SMEs or entities who want to innovate and gain a competitive advantage by integrating “spin-out” space technology into their existing product lines, or to create entirely new products/services.

Alternatively, it targets SMEs or entities that wish to introduce an innovation to the space industry using a “spin-in” technology originally developed for another industry or application.

Requirements include that applicant must be a legal entity registered under Portuguese law, with headquarters in Portugal, and fully compliant with Portuguese tax and social security obligations. For full list of requirements download the application documents.

There are generally 2 Spark Funding cut-off dates per year. Check the website for next available date.

We provide online masterclasses before cut-off dates that give you extra information and insights on your application. Keep an eye on our News page! You can always contact us at with your questions.

PROJECTSPreviously approved projects will give you an idea of what is possible.

TechnologiesPeruse our Technology Cards to see if you find something you can use.

Our Technology Cards summarise the Portuguese space technologies we have already mapped. They will be added here soon.
  • Do you have a space technology that is not on our list? Contact us at
  • Do you see a technology that can help you with your terrestrial product or solution? You guessed it: contact us at