ESA BIC Portugal incubatees won the Ignite Awards of the Space Solutions LIFT-OFF Program

Instituto Pedro Nunes has awarded innovative projects in the space economy with the Ignite Awards of the Space Solutions LIFT-OFF Programme.

Our ESA BIC incubatees Green Travel Spot (GTS) and Virtua Crop won the 1st and 3rd place, respectively.

GTS, which is developing a pollution benchmark to help public services to accurately gauge the level of pollution, won the Ignite Awards and a cash price of 3000€.

The third place (500€) went to Virtua Crop, which is developing an accessible platform for farmers to manage soils more efficiently.

The applications selected for the programme will also receive support in product development and business definition, through a maximum amount of €1,200 for prototype validation.

The Ignite Awards Session of the Space Solutions LIFT-OFF Program took place on May 30, at IPN, and was promoted by the Space Solutions LIFT-OFF support program for entrepreneurs.

The LIFT-OF program, funded by Centro 2020, aims to support the creation and acceleration of companies in the space economy, in the Central Region.