ESA Technology Broker

We work to stimulate collaboration and business exchanges between space and non-space industries. Our main goals are:
– To transfer space technology and know-how to an innovative terrestrial application; 
– To help terrestrial innovations find application in the space domain.


Many of the technologies developed for space missions have potential applications and benefits on Earth. The goal of technology transfer is to maximise the societal and economic benefits derived from investments in space research and development. This is achieved by repurposing space technologies to address challenges and create opportunities on Earth.

This process often involves licensing agreements, spin-off companies, joint ventures, and other mechanisms to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, expertise, and intellectual property from the space sector to terrestrial applications.


HOW IT WORKS? Brokerage Services

Space technology scouting
We are interested in your technology and know-how. Maybe we can find you new customers on Earth

Brokering introductions with potential collaborators and clients
Tell us what technological problem you need to solve. We will work to find you a solution.

We offer coaching on how to engage with the space industry and knowledge for the benefit of your business. Learn about the Coimbra Space Training Camp.


Spark 4 Tech

Apply for financial support up to €50k to a project involving technology transfer space→earth or vice-versa.
Click here for examples of successful projects.

Technology Transfer Challenge

Propose an innovative application for an ESA technology for a chance to win up to €15k in prize money.
Click here
to learn about previous winners.

Guidance and support on other funding opportunities

Tell us what you want to achieve and we will help you get there.
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