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Express Ukrainian Call: ESA BIC Portugal supports Ukrainian companies

The European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Portugal (ESA BIC Portugal) will incubate and support Ukrainian companies using space technology. The application phase for the “Express Ukrainian Call” is ongoing and ends on the 26th of May. This Express Ukrainian Call...
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Slava Bourgeois: “My experience at IPN”

As a PhD student at the University of Coimbra, I completed a 2-month internship at Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN). During this internship, I first understood how a startup incubator works and followed the day-to-day operations of the innovation managers employed at...
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Space webinar: How to Capture Your Own Satellite Data

On April 12th at 14:30 WEST, ESA Space Solutions Portugal welcomes Brian Treacy (Turtle Island Space). Brian will lead a webinar on how to capture your own satellite data. The main goal is to offer a real-world experience with satellites, ground stations, and data via our...
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9th ESA Space Solutions Centre Portugal anniversary!

ESA Space Solutions Centre Portugal marked its 9th anniversary on 30 November 2023, hosting the event at the Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) in Coimbra. In 2014, IPN pioneered the establishment of ESA Space Solutions Portugal, consolidating various ESA Programmes within a...
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ESA BIC Network ranked among top 10 business incubators and accelerators in Europe

The Financial Times has published it’s first-ever ranking of Europe’s Leading Start-up Hubs, in which the ESA BIC Network received the 8th place out of 250 and  the 2nd place for the Network Hub ranking! Congratulations to all ESA BIC Network colleagues! Thanks to everyone who...
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