ESA Near Me Patch competion

ESA Near Me Patch competion

“ESA Near Me” is near you!

Our ESA Space Solutions network is comprised of ESA and local partners, ranging from ESA BICs, ESA Technology Brokers and ESA Business Applications Ambassadors. All interconnected ready to help and reach out to entrepreneurs, startups and other more mature companies. We, Instituto Pedro Nunes, the Portuguese ESA Space Solutions Centre, are ESA Near You, in Portugal!

As “ESA Near Me” has the opportunity to become a “mission” of ESA Space Solutions, ESA is launching a design competition to create the patch.

The “ESA Near Me” patch shall be embroidered, so the design shall be simple, recognisable, spacey, cool and stylish.

What should be included in the patch?

  • Follow ESA mission patch guidelines (please see the picture);
  • ESA Space Solutions colour palette;
  • Show the inter connectivity of our network;
  • It should not be too busy with details.

The deadline of the competition is September 14th 2020.

Please send your ideas to