ESA Patent Transfer Challenge 2022

ESA Patent Transfer Challenge 2022

ESA Space Solutions Portugal, in collaboration with ESA, is launching a competition for the best solution to an industry problem based on the application of an ESA patented invention. The aim is to generate leads for technology transfer projects in support of ESA Space Solutions Portugal’s Technology transfer activities.

15,000 EUR worth of prizes will be paid to the winner(s) of the competition.

Application Requirements

  • The solution must employ an ESA patented invention.
  • The solution should come from a formally incorporated private law/limited liability company. Accordingly, any individual, group of individuals and/or any other legal person (such as private non-profit associations) are not eligible.
  • Deadline for application is 21st of November 2022 at 21:00 WET.

How to apply

To apply, please submit a description of your solution (maximum 3 pages, template below) including the following sections:

  • Name of company
  • Contact person information
  • ESA patent (or patents) being used
  • Brief description of your company and context industry
  • Description of the problem being addressed by your solution (1 page)
  • Description of your solution and how the ESA patent is used (1 page)

Criteria for evaluation

  • Impact to industry/product/market/society
  • Technical feasibility
  • Originality and applicability

The winning solution will be selected by a panel formed by 3 experts covering Space Technology, IP and Business Applications.

Other Terms & Conditions: IP license

ESA makes its intellectual property available on a non-exclusive, freely licensed basis to European space companies within its 22 Member States. For use by companies outside of ESA Member States, or for non-space applications, a different commercial licensing model is in place, allowing the Agency to request royalties. This use is formalised though the corresponding research or commercial license agreements. Accordingly, on top of the above-mentioned money award, the winning company will be entitled with a patent license, the terms of which will be finalized with ESA, to allow its use and performance of the chosen technology.

The winner(s) will be informed on: 30th of November 2022

Application Template