ESA Space Solutions PT Founders Dinner unites Portuguese Space community for collaboration and networking

Entrepreneurs, startups and industry experts gathered at a vibrant ESA Space Solutions PT Founders Dinner on June 20 to exchange experiences and foster collaboration within the Portuguese space community. This informal dinner provided a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and the emergence of new projects.

The event saw the participation of 26 innovative Portuguese space startups, represented by 30 enthusiastic entrepreneurs, along with incubators from the ESA BIC Network, the ESA Space Solution Portugal team, and the Intermunicipal Community of Coimbra Region. Désiré Nzengou (EUSPA), Aude De Clercq (ESA – Technology Transfer Programme Office) and Fernando Guerra (ANACOM) were also present to support and engage with the burgeoning space ecosystem.

During the dinner, the importance of sharing experiences, achievements and failures among entrepreneurs was emphasised. The collaborative atmosphere encouraged the community to come together, fostering synergies and leveraging each other’s strengths. Through meaningful discussions and interactions, participants explored opportunities for growth and development within the Portuguese space industry.

The Space Founders Dinner served as a reminder of the collective strength and potential of the Portuguese space community, underscoring the significance of mutual support and knowledge-sharing. The event concluded with participants leaving inspired, equipped with new connections, and ready to embark on exciting collaborations to further propel Portugal’s presence in the global space arena.