Have you picked your challenge?

Have you picked your challenge?

Act In Space 2020 is about to happend, it will start in a week – November 13th & 14th.

You will have 24h to hack one of the proposed challenges, and present your solution to the juri. The winner will be representing Portugal in teh overall final competition!

Have you picked a challenge? They are divided in 3 categories:

  1. Be a New Space Player
  2. Everyday Life Business
  3. Space for Earth and Humanity.

To help you filtering our your favourite challenges, you can also use the #: #IOT #IT #Environment #Security #Energy #Health #Climate #EO #Agriculture.

But, pay attention! If you are willing to win 2 prizes… the Portuguese overall prize and the INFANTE prize, take a special look at the following list. Tekever will award the best idea to one of the following challenges:

AID04Area surveillance 24h a day: Constant area surveillance using a nanosatellites constellation

AID05Data sharing without revealing your data: Use space data with AI models through Federated Learning to improve performances

CLS-KNEIS01Make our oceans great again: Use satellite images and sensor data transmitted via space IoT to save the oceans

CLS-KINEIS02Save the Endangered Species: Imagine new ways to effectively protect animals leveraging satellite data

CNES11Space for pre- & post-disaster: Free and open access satellite data for crisis management