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Opportunities with ESA Space Solutions Portugal in 2023

If you have a new great business idea based on space data and technology, you can find many great opportunities with ESA Space Solutions Portugal. Submit your proposal until 26 OctoberHere you may find an overview of our current calls:

ESA BIC Portugal:

This is your opportunity to create or boost our businesses by using space technology, data or systems that can generate an impact on Earth. We support entrepreneurs, startups or SMEs (up to 5 years), researchers and students to implement their space-based innovative business ideas, from downstream to new space.

Candidates have at their disposal a network of 15 incubation centres (Mainland Portugal and Islands), being able to select one of two financing options:

– 50.000€ grant (via ESA) 
– Up to 125.000€ extend loan (in partnership with Portugal Ventures).

ESA BIC Portugal Open Call is supported by the European Space Agency, Portuguese Space Agency and ANACOM, in partnership with Portugal Capital Ventures. More information about ESA BIC Portugal here.


Do you have a business idea based on innovative utilization of space services and technologies in non-space markets, such as transport, energy, health, agriculture, environment and safety? This call encourages the submission of projects from legal portuguese entities, space or non-space companies (including SMEs) and academic and research organizations.

The available grant per project is up to 25.000€ to support the economic and technical feasibility study of your product/service. More information about SPARK 4 Business here.

Contact us via if you want to boost your business with space