SPARK 4 Tech Open Call

SPARK 4 Tech Open Call

ESA Space Solutions Portugal has launched the SPARK 4 Tech Open Call to support business ideas based on innovative technology transfer from space down to Earth!

The call aims to finance Technology Transfer Proof of Concepts in order to prove the relevance of a technology/know-how for another technology field, as well as reduce the technical risk and confirm the market opportunity. Through this SPARK 4 Tech Open Call, the ESA Space Solutions Portugal invites bidders to submit proposals for feasibility studies regarding the transfer of a space technology into a non-space application. Technology transfer refers to the use/exploitation of a space heritage technology into a new ground application domain.

This call encourages the submission of projects from legal Portuguese entities, space or non-space companies (including SMEs) and academic and research organizations.

The available grant per project is up to 50.000 Euro on a co-funding basis of 50% (e.g., a project with total eligible cost of 100.000 Euro may be granted a maximum of 50.000 Euro), during a 6-month period, to support the economic and technical feasibility study of your product/service. To submit your proposal in 2021, consider the deadline of 18th of November.

More information and application form are available at: