Webinar “Investing in Industrial Innovation (InCubed)”

A Space Webinar conducted by Pietra di Vito, End-to-end Earth Observation System Engineer at ESA and Carolina Sá, Earth Observation Officer at Portugal Space, will occur on September 8, 2023 (14-15 WST). This event aims to inform and empower businesses on Earth interested in exploring the “Investing in Industrial Innovation (InCubed)” programme, which provides co-financing for projects developing innovative products and services that use Earth Observation Data and are commercially viable, that is now available for Portuguese companies. In 2023 the second round will take place at the end of September.

The webinar is open to participants of any nationality but will be targeted at National companies that may apply at InCubed. 

The webinar is organised by ESA Space Solutions Portugal. Hosted at Instituto Pedro Nunes, ESA Space Solutions Portugal manages an ESA Business Incubation Centre (ESA-BIC) and supports companies on Technology Transfer (ESA Technology Brokers) and Business Applications (ESA Ambassador Platform) involving space assets in partnership with the Portuguese Space Agency.

Please note: the event is in English.