9th ESA Space Solutions Centre Portugal anniversary!


9th ESA Space Solutions Centre Portugal anniversary!

ESA Space Solutions Centre Portugal marked its 9th anniversary on 30 November 2023, hosting the event at the Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) in Coimbra.

In 2014, IPN pioneered the establishment of ESA Space Solutions Portugal, consolidating various ESA Programmes within a single institution, encompassing the ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC), Technology Broker, and Ambassador Platform. The overarching goal was to cultivate and invigorate a robust downstream and space community in Portugal, fostering collaboration among academia, incubators, investors, public entities and our valued stakeholders. The initiative was dedicated to identifying and nurturing talent, supporting makers, and empowering founders to bring their ideas to fruition.

After nine years, the ESA BIC Portugal has supported 58 startups, with an impressive investment of 2.5M€. 

The Ambassador Platform has backed 31 projects (feasibility studies) with a support of 750.000 Euros.

In Space-to-Earth technology transfer, as ESA Technologies Brokers, we proudly boast 11 success stories acknowledged by ESA, with nearly 90 space technologies identified for commercialisation.

Almost 90 attendees joined this celebration of ESA Space Solutions Centre Portugal, which comprised a series of activities throughout the afternoon, featuring a number of presentations highlighting the accomplished results of recent years and introducing the newly supported companies. Token gifts were awarded to graduating startups and prize cheques were presented to the winners of the Technology Transfer Challenge 2023.

Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to explore the new and expanded facilities of ESA Space Solutions Centre Portugal, which undeline the strides made and commitment to advancing space-related initiatives.

The day closed with blowing out the candles on a tasty birthday cake with wishes for a fruitful 2024, full of space-powered business.

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