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ESA Technology Transfer Challenge 2023


The competition starts on 1 September 2023 and will run until 6 November, 2023. During this time, interested entities can submit their ideas for the use of ESA patented invention / ESA software tool or choose one of the challenges for the use of solutions from companies from the Portugal space sector.

The submitted proposals will be evaluated by the organiser of the competition (Instituto Pedro Nunes). If the submitted proposal concerns a solution for a company from the Portugal space sector, a representative of this company will additionally join the jury.

The prizes of 20000 EUR (1st place) and 15000 EUR (2nd place) will go to the winning teams.


– Time: The deadline for application is 1 November 2023 at midnight WET
– How: Submission of a solution description (max 3 pages, use appropriate form) 
– For whom: European Space or Non-Space company from one of its 22 Member States.
– Criteria for evaluation : Impact to industry/product/market/society ; Technical feasibility; Originality and applicability 
– The winning solutions will be selected by a panel formed by 3 experts covering Space Technology, IP and Business Applications. 


– IP license : ESA makes its intellectual property available on a non-exclusive, freely licensed basis to European space companies within its 22 Member States. For use by companies outside of ESA Member States, or for non-space applications, a different commercial licensing model is in place, allowing the Agency to request royalties. This use is formalised though the corresponding research or commercial license agreements. Accordingly, if any of the winning companies have based their idea on an ESA patent, they will be invited to discuss the terms and conditions of the patent license with ESA, to allow for the patent use in the new intended application.


– The selection process will take place on: IPN HQ, Coimbra, Portugal 
– The winner(s) will be informed on 30 November 2023 
– The final report will be provided to the Agency until the 15 December 2023 

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