ESA Space Solutions Portugal Engages at Major Events


ESA Space Solutions Portugal Engages at Major Events

As ecosystem drivers of the space sector ecosystem, Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), the coordinator of ESA Space Solutions Portugal, is committed to fostering collaboration and disseminating knowledge to drive innovation and economic growth. Through its role as an ESA Ambassador, IPN actively participates in a diverse range of events, both locally and internationally, to connect with potential partners, stakeholders, and entrepreneurs. These engagements have proven to be instrumental in achieving IPN’s mission of promoting the use of space technology and data for sustainable development and societal benefit.

BTL: Connecting with the Tourism Industry
One of ESA Space Solutions Portugal’s notable stops was the Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa (BTL), the largest tourism trade fair in Portugal. By participating in this event as an ESA Ambassador, we had the opportunity to connect with local startups, companies, and public bodies, fostering collaboration and identifying potential leads for the Spark 4 Business funding initiative.
Jorge Pimenta, the Coordinator of ESA Space Solutions Portugal was a speaker in a panel organized by the Intermunicipal Region of Coimbra, highlighted the importance of innovation for the sector and explained how space-based solutions can enhance its efficiency, sustainability and the overall visitor experience.

South Summit: Navigating the Frontiers of Innovation
IPN’s presence at the South Summit in Madrid, one of the most prominent global tech events, provided an invaluable platform for connecting with international innovators, corporations, and investors. Engaging with startups, corporations, and potential partners, IPN explored opportunities to collaborate on space-based solutions for a wide range of industries, including agriculture, energy, healthcare, and environmental monitoring. We highlight the invitation to IPN – ESA Space Solutions team to join a networking event organized at the Portuguese Embassy in Spain jointly with AICEP’s Madrid office. It was a reception for the Portuguese community of startups, investors, and entities that promote innovation and entrepreneurship, that counted with the presence of the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Administrative Modernization, Mário Campolargo. This was an additional and unique opportunity for the team to connect and network, along with the visit to the South Summit.

The Smart City Expo: Shaping the Future of Urban Living
At the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, IPN had the opportunity to engage with thought leaders, startups, and organisations dedicated to addressing urban challenges. By attending several thematic panels and networking sessions, ESA Space Solutions Portugal reaffirmed its commitment to leveraging space technologies for the advancement of smart cities. Along with the number of new connections made with companies working in the sector, we had the opportunity to engage with several municipalities from the Region of Coimbra attending the event. The Smart City Expo was an excellent opportunity to show the value of the use of satellite data and analytics for urban planning, smart mobility, environmental management, and the blue economy, and IPN highlighted how space-based solutions can contribute to building more sustainable, resilient, and liveable cities.

Coimbra Invest Summit: Fuelling Innovation in Tech and Health
IPN’s participation in the Coimbra Invest Summit provided a platform to highlight the region’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and the potential for space technology to drive innovation. During the event, Carla Duarte, from IPN and the ESA Ambassador Portugal moderated a discussion panel on the topic of “Coimbra is Tech,” where Spotlite, The Loop Co., Activespace Technologies, and Critical Ventures discussed the strategies and positioning of their companies regarding the current context, their location in Coimbra, and the support of the innovation, entrepreneurial, and investor ecosystems. It was stressed that IPN’s commitment to the local landscape is integral to fostering a robust and interconnected tech community. Being an ESA Ambassador is a clear strength for the Region, and the Spark 4 Business is a funding mechanism that can leverage Coimbra’s companies Earth’s business with space technology!

Web Summit: Embracing the Global Innovation Landscape
Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of ESA Space Solutions Portugal’s event calendar was the Web Summit, where it had the possibility of exhibiting with a dedicated stand (booth n.E-105). IPN’s booth at the Web Summit, the world’s largest technology conference, showcased the organisation’s commitment to fostering innovation and connecting with a global audience. This global gathering of tech enthusiasts, startups, and industry leaders provided an unparalleled platform to showcase initiatives, connect with potential collaborators and investors, and share the organisation’s vision on an international stage. Through interactive demonstrations and engaging conversations, IPN introduced visitors to the transformative power of space technology and how it can be harnessed to address global challenges and drive economic growth. We also supported the startups and companies from our space community that were exhibiting at the event, making the most of each and every networking opportunity! Jorge Pimenta, the Coordinator of ESA Space Solutions Portugal considers the Web Summit to be a unique opportunity to leverage the visibility of the space ecosystem, as it gives large visibility in the media and startups are able to connect with over 70.00 attendees from 153 countries. Besides networking, it is the moment to engage and drive new businesses and understand market/technological trends.

In conclusion, IPN – ESA Space Solutions’ active participation in these major events has enabled it to achieve a number of significant outcomes, including:
– Enhanced visibility and brand awareness: we gained recognition as a leading player in the space sector and a trusted partner for innovation and collaboration;
– Strengthened networks: we established valuable connections with startups, corporations, investors, and government stakeholders, creating a vibrant ecosystem of innovation;
– Identification of new leads and opportunities: we identified potential partners for collaboration, funding calls and target markets for its space-based solutions;
– Dissemination of knowledge and awareness: we effectively communicated the benefits of space technology and its potential to solve real-world problems.

ESA Space Solutions Portugal continues to engage in high-profile events, these experiences not only enhance visibility but also contribute significantly to the broader discourse on technology, innovation, and the role of space solutions in addressing real-world challenges. Through its commitment to collaboration, knowledge sharing, and technology transfer, IPN is bringing the transformative power of space technology to a wider audience, in a world where space solutions are seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. We expect 2024 to be no less interesting and we have already spotted several events to attend during the year!

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