Space webinar: Exploring Funding Opportunities for Space Startups  

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Space webinar: Exploring Funding Opportunities for Space Startups  

21st at 14:30 WEST, ESA Space Solutions Portugal welcomes Filipa de Pieri and Ana Vaz. IPN will lead a webinar on Exploring Funding Opportunities for Space Startups. The goal is to offer an overview of the entry point for funding programmes and procurement options managed by European and National Funds.

  • EU programmes/ funding (calls for proposals)
  • Tendering opportunities
  • How to find partners for collaboration
  • How to apply and how to participate in National and European programmes
  • How to register your organisation and obtain a unique identifier (PIC N)
  • Key documents 
  • Search for results of EU-funded projects.

Hosted at Instituto Pedro Nunes, ESA Space Solutions Portugal manages an ESA Business Incubation Centre Portugal (ESA BIC PT) and supports companies on Technology Transfer (ESA Technology Brokers) and Business Applications (ESA Ambassador Platform) involving space assets.

The webinar is directed at startups and companies interested in contributing to the surging space economy. It is open to all upon registration and is held in English.


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